Steven Seagal Ends Interview After Being Asked About Rape Allegations


Steven Seagal will not sit for this.

The action star walked out of an interview on Thursday the second he was asked about the rape allegations made against him.

As we reported, the 66-year-old has been accused of rape by an extra who appeared in his 1994 film On Deadly Ground, and of sexual harassment by multiple women, including Portia de Rossi, Julianna Margulies, and Jenny McCarthy.

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Seagal has denied all of the allegations. Now, he’s straight up ignoring them.

When he was sitting down for an interview with BBC Newsnight, reporter Kirsty Wark asked:

“In terms of your life in America, you’ve been very much caught up in all the allegations of sexual harassment. You had a rape allegation against you. I wonder how you deal with all that.”

The second he heard the word “rape,” Seagal immediately took his earpiece off and stood up, effectively ending the interview.

Watch the awkward moment (below).

Steven Seagal, everyone.

[Image via BBC.]


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